John's trip

View from the tower in the square in Venice

View from the tower in the square in Venice-b

View from the tower in the square in Venice-c

View from the tower in the square in Venice-same tower

Walking from the ferry to downtown Venice


Trevi Fountain, in Rome

Me at the Spanish Steps in Rome

Streets in Venice,Italy

Bridge in Venice

Last look of freedom


Gondella ride

Church in the square in Venice (lots of pigeons)

Close up of the Church

Me in front of the chruch

Me holdin' up the tower

Ruins in Rome just feet away from the Coloseo

Inside the Colosseo in Italy

Inside the Colosseo in Italy-b

Outside the Colosseo. Rome,Italy

My first view of the Colosseo in Italy

The Spanish Steps in Rome Italy

Ship view of Santorini,Greece

Me, Catherine, Helen and Jenny

Us on a Volcano hike in Santorini

Me eating a Gyro on an island in Greece

Streets in Rome

Behind the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Left side of the Parthenon

Front left side of the ruins

The first site of the Parthenon up close

The Parthenon is behind me. This is one of the views

The Akropolis in Athens, Greece

Another view from the hill where the Parthenon is

Chris in Sorrento,Italy

Athens,Greece with the Parthenon behind me

Church that is behind the tower in Pisa, Italy

The leaning tower of Pisa

Me along side the Leaning tower

Capri,Italia (Naples,Italy)

Me and Nula

Scenery in Capri

Two rocks in Capri

Me, Nula and Dara (friends from Australia)

Streets in Capri

Beautiful Capri

Sorrento, Italy. Just a boat ride away from Capri

That's where we ate in Sorrento where the red chairs are accross the street

Eating pizza in Sorrento, Italy

Me in Sorrento

San Pietro - Roma

The Vatican, The Popes home (St.Peter is buried in there)

Inside the Vatican

The Millennium Cruise ship I was on. Taken in Santorini, Greece

Two Great and BEAUTIFUL friends of mine. Catherine (me) and Lisa. (Mmmm)

The Leaning Tower in Pisa,Italia

Tower at daytime



The rocks in Capri

Capri Island

That's Amore

Capri at sunset

This is one of my FAVORITE stops in Greece

More Santorini





Venezia - Santa Maria della Salute

Venice - Gondella

Roma - Mercati Traiani - Italy

Roma - Colosseo - Italy

Pronounced, 'NIECE', France

Roma - San Pietro - Italy

Ahhhh, Roma - Fontana di Trevi - Italy


Colosseo - Roma - Italy

The Parthenon - Athens, Greece

Nice, France


Athens, 2000

Sunset in Capri

I LOVE this place. ( I'll be there again)

Mmmm, Santorini


The Millennium

Extreme Sports Bar

Outdoor pool

Indoor pool

Florist shop on ship

Computer room

another bar area

Main staircase in the foyer

On staircase looking down

Music listening room

Ships Library

Main dining room

Identical room to the sister ship of the Titanic

Another dining room

Ships casino (cha-ching)

Ships theatre. Musicals,movies,concerts..

A club on the top floor of the ship


Coffee bar

'Michaels' a piano bar

Martini bar

Bon voyage, The Millennium

JAlbum 3.6